We aim through these services to facilitate access to information, and to raise the technical awareness for students and thier guardians so as to keep up with the rapid development in this area.

Semester One
Date Event
2022-02-05 SaturdaySUBSTITUTES & SUPPLEMENTARIES EXAMS for (2020/2021)
2022-02-19 SaturdaySTART OF NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2021/2022
2022-04-02 SaturdayRAMADAN & EID VACATION
2022-05-07 SaturdayRESUMPTION OF CLASSES
2022-07-02 SaturdaySTUDY WEEK VACATION
2022-07-09 SaturdayEID (HAJ) VACATION
2022-07-16 SaturdaySTART OF SEMESTER EXAMS
2022-08-04 ThursdayEND OF SEMESTER EXAMS
2022-08-16 SaturdaySEMESTER VACATION
Semester Second
Date Event
Calendar of the Academic
Date Event